No More Left Turns onto the 347 HWY from W Honeycutt Rd in Maricopa Arizona


Beginning in 2013, The City of Maricopa is addressing the traffic issue on Honeycutt Rd & John Wayne Parkway / Maricopa Rd – 347 HWY. The issue has been, when a driver is waiting to make a left turn from Honeycutt Rd onto the 347, traffic backs up on Honeycutt Rd as many vehicles are traveling North and South. Plus, when traffic backs-up on the 347 as drivers wait

to make the left on the 347 to access Honeycutt Rd, there is no way the car on Honeycutt Rd (waiting to make the left) is going to make the left turn without creating more traffic on Honeycutt. For this reason and out of courtesy to other drivers, I do not make the left turn on this street and/or avoid the intersection all together. If I need to go south of the tracks, I make a left on Pershing St to Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway.








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