Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Meltdown of 2007 Featured on ABC Nightline

Maricopa Arizona received national attention because of the real estate meltdown caused by the mortgage crisis in 2007. Here is the story of Maricopa’s housing meltdown, as stated in the video, “the poster child for excess in the housing market.” As a side note, in the video, Maricopa is described as not having a hospital nor a  movie theater (regarding the hospital, this is still accurate) but there are medical offices, a health clinic, Banner Health Center and a movie theater (Ultra-Star Cinemas) and bowling alley. Maricopa is growing once again and as stated in the video, a “good alternative compared to Phoenix.” Since the meltdown, prices have gone up and if you are considering to buy a home in Maricopa AZ, feel free to contact:


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