Maricopa Arizona Subdivision Map

Here is a map showing the subdivisions that are located in the City of Maricopa Arizona.     Contact ME Your Name Email Address Phone Number Your Message j638d4ec32ffcf... read more

APEX Motor Club Coming to Maricopa Arizona ?

    APEX Motor CLUB Coming to Maricopa Arizona ?        The City of Maricopa heard public comments about APEX Motor Sports requesting a conditional use permit to operate a motor sport facility on 280 acres of land off the 238 HWY (northwest corner of Ralston Road).  ... read more

Amtrack in Maricopa Arizona

Maricopa Arizona has an Amtrack Station with an address of: Station Building (with waiting room) 19427 North John Wayne Parkway P.O. Box 897 Maricopa, AZ 85139 For more information about Amtrack visit their website by clicking on the link below: MARICOPA... read more

Maricopa Arizona Community Data for 2013 -2014

Maricopa Arizona Community Data for 2013 -2014 View a PDF file showing data regarding the Community of Maricopa Arizona.  You will learn about the following:   Population growth in Maricopa since 2010 Level of Education Among Residents Median Age of Residents Number... read more

Map of Subdivisions in Maricopa Arizona

Here is a map of the subdivisions that are located in Maricopa Arizona.  The map does not show the rural areas that feature horse properties (Saddleback Farms, Hidden Valley and Thunderbird Farms): The following Maricopa Arizona subdivisions are colored coded in the... read more

Maricopa Arizona Police Department Information

Click on the link below to obtain information about the Maricopa Arizona Police Department:  Dispatch Phone: 520.568.3673 Admin Phone: 520. 316.6800 Office Hours: 7am – 6pm, Monday – Thursday. For more information regarding Maricopa PD visit:   Maricopa... read more

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