APEX Motor Club Coming to Maricopa Arizona ?

APEX Motor Club Coming to Maricopa Arizona ?



APEX Motor CLUB Coming to Maricopa Arizona ? 




The City of Maricopa heard public comments about APEX Motor Sports requesting a conditional use permit to operate a motor sport facility on 280 acres of land off the 238 HWY (northwest corner of Ralston Road).


Seems like most of the residents of Maricopa would appreciate APEX Motor Sport using the land as a motor sport facility as it would benefit the community.  However, a few people voiced their concern about the possible noise.


APEX Motor Sport Facitlity would consist of:


  • Car Condos; up to 264 condos & lease temperature controlled garages for vehicle storage
  • Turning shop and fuel stations; working bays for basic mainetneance and repairs
  • Karting facility; 9-acre kart-track and training comples to fine=tune driving skills utilizing APEX’ s high performing go-karts
  • 4.3 mile track; two road courses (2.27 miles and 21.15 miles) that can be conjoined to form APEX’s 4.2 mi racetrack.
  • Member and charitable group event building —contains APEX dining room and lough, meeting rooms, locker rooms, showers and retail pro-shop
  • Member clubhouse





Here is a video of the city public meeting….

  • Mayor intro @ 38:44
  • Rose Law Group speaks @ 39:07
  • Residents speak at 46:20




Learn more about the development and APEX:



Here is a link to an ABC article: