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Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent, REALTOR® Testimonials

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent, REALTOR® Testimonials


“Ray is that great combination of professional and ally…”

Ray D.l is that great combination of professional and ally, knowledgeable about the market and determined to help you find the home that is right for you. When I arrived in Phoenix from out of state to do some house hunting without my husband, Ray picked me up from the airport and made me feel safe and welcome. We have bought and sold 10 houses over the years and had good and not-so-good experiences with Realtors, but Ray outperformed them all. He went far beyond what is expected of a Realtor by not only being present for inspections while we lived out of state, but he also recommended top notch repairmen for plumbing and AC and followed up with them personally. He paid attention to small details that we did not expect, both before and after we had closed on the house. He was kind and professional, never pushy or intrusive yet always available when we texted or called him. He helped us transition to Arizona in ways that had nothing to do with selling a house – in other words at no profit to him. He even made it possible for us to transport our car from SC to AZ by rearranging his schedule to receive my car. If you want a man who is knowledgable about the market, personable and professional, responsive and insightful, Ray D. will not let you down.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Judith N.

“He will protect your interests”

Ray sold my home in 2 weeks during a down market!! He is easy to work with and puts his customers first. Not only is he a great real estate agent he is a fine photographer. The high quality of his photos undoubtedly contributed to the quick sale. Ray also knows the nuances of the real estate market from a legal perspective. He will protect your interests. In my case, he took videos to support our case with the buyer during closing negotiations. So naturally, Ray was my go to guy to buy my next home too. He drilled down to my wants and needs and found a nice selection that met my criteria and approval. I won’t need another home for a long time but when I do I won’t hesitate to hire “real estate” RAY again.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Cal W. 

“I value his business practice above all…”

Ray has been my realtor twice. Once when I bought my home and again when I sold my home. He is very knowledgeable as both the selling and purchasing agent. Ray is a very attentive agent from start to finish. He went to great lengths to make sure my home was listed correctly, maximizing the online appeal to buyers. He took the time to speak with my neighbors so that neighborhood shots would be included in the listing, while respecting the homes of those around me.

My husband is Navy and so we were not in the same state while trying to sale our home. Ray went out of his way to be present when the plumber needed to be let in. Going so far as to bring his lap top to work from home during the time of the appointment, to make sure the work was done one time and correctly before the plumbers left. He was present to follow up on all maintenance that was completed within 24 hours of the contractors visit.

Ray provided all paperwork in a timely fashion. No matter the time he always answered my calls or returned them within hours. No question was too trivial, he offers endless patience and speaks only to what he has knowledge of. If he does not have an answer he will tell you as much and find the correct answer in a short amount of time. I value this business practice above all, it provides me the luxury of complete trust.

In the end my home had a cash offer within 25 days of listing it, we closed in less than 45 days. I referred Ray to my in-laws, he sold their home as well. He is a great realtor , he cares about his clients and understands the houses he is selling are peoples homes, their investments, their future.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Dawna K. 

“Ray went way above our expectations.”

I am a real estate broker in my hometown, so I know what true customer service is and I feel like Ray went way above our expectations.  He did a lot of extra things that we didn’t expect and without us asking. I would recommend Ray to my best friends and family.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Becky T. 

“When we needed representatives at appraisals, inspections and even to pick up the keys at closing, Ray was always there to handle those issues.”

My wife and I lived in Kansas and decided to retire in the East Valley of Phoenix. Ray was very agreeable to meet our condensed timeframes for house hunting. We sent Ray our “must have” lists, our “be nice to have” lists and then our “dream” lists. Ray continually sent listings daily with homes that met our criteria. We had approximately 20 homes on the list when we arrived to look at homes. Ray continued each evening to scour new listings to add for the next day and the home we finally fell in love with was added on the third day of our house hunting trip. Without Ray diligence our new home would never had made our list. As we lived 1300 miles from our new home and were extremely busy with selling our old home and preparing for our move to AZ, we had to rely on Ray to look after our best interest throughout the entire purchasing, inspecting, closing process. Nobody could have been more knowledgeable or professional than Ray. We would ask a question, Ray immediately would find the answer and not only send the answer but also include any background or additional info he found. Throughout the entire process, Ray made it appear to us as though we were his only client even though we know he is a very successful and busy Realtor in the area. When we needed representatives at appraisals, inspections and even to pick up the keys at closing, Ray was always there to handle those issues. We closed the sale “long distance” and Ray acted as our eyes and ears in Phoenix, he made sure things were right and minimized the normal anxiety of the Real Estate process. I have bought and sold more than a dozen homes in my lifetime, and without a single doubt, Ray Del Real is the most professional, most informed, and most client satisfaction centered Realtor I have had the privilege of working with. I would tell anyone, if you are going to move to the Phoenix area and need a new home, go with the best, go with Ray Del Real.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Michael M. 

“He provided excellent advice on pricing and offers…”

Ray was very courteous and helpful in providing guidance to us in purchasing a winter home in Province Maricopa. He provided excellent advice on pricing and offers; provided assistance in hiring inspectors to examine the property, provided all of the documents required to complete the purchase in electronic format so that we could complete the transaction from our home in another state. He also checked on the status of repairs of items noted in the inspection and ultimately inspected the house when it was vacated three months after the sale.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“…saved us $4000.00 off the price of our home!”

My husband and I were living in Pennsylvania and looking to relocate to Arizona. My husband found Ray Del Real on YouTube showing tours of Maricopa. He seemed so knowledgeable and had a great attitude. I called him to make an appointment since we were only going to be in town for 2 days and needed to find a home to purchase on our trip. Ray was so accommodating! He took 2 days out of his schedule and spent the entire time helping us find our perfect home. Ray also was my only contact for everything here in Maricopa. He negotiated strongly on our behalf and saved us $4000.00 off the price of our home! He also attended all of the inspections for us and reported back as soon as they were completed since we were in Pennsylvania and couldn’t attend ourselves. If I ever had any questions I could comfortably contact Ray and know that I was going to get an honest answer quickly. He took care of absolutely everything and I would put my trust in him again if I ever need a new home. I’m so thankful my husband found him on YouTube because we have our wonderful home and owe a great deal of it to him. Thanks for being awesome Ray! You made our experience as easy and smooth as it could have possibly been! With much appreciation.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“He goes through arms and lengths to help you in any way possible”

Ray D. Real is definitely the right person if you want to buy or sell your house. He goes through arms and lengths to help you in any way possible. Thank you again Ray.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“…knowledgeable, caring and professional…”

If you’re looking for someone who is knowledgeable, caring and professional, I would highly recommend Ray.  He found me a new home that was not listed in the MLS that had everything that I was looking for. He provided great service and kept me informed on the process of buying a new home. Thank  you so much Ray.  I will highly recommend you to my friends and family.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“He’s 5 Stars all the way!!!”

Rey was the best agent I’ve used in my 20 plus years purchasing homes!!! He’s 5 Stars all the way!!! I was in Japan and things could not have gone more smoothly.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“…provided guidance on comparable properties in the area to save us over $8,000 off the list price!!!”

My wife and I were looking to purchase a home in Arizona while living in the Chicagoland area. We weren’t exactly sure how to go about doing this, but we thought looking for realtors would be a good starting point. After doing several searches online for real estate in the area we were interested in, we continued to see Ray Del Real’s name, website, and associated videos explaining the area. He was our first contact and the only contact we felt we needed to begin our home search. This was a search for the 3rd home I would own, but I had never been part of a transaction from halfway across the country before, so naturally I was nervous. After meeting with Ray the first time, he made my wife and I feel comfortable and confident in the process and what would need to take place. As we progressed from simply looking at properties, to needing to move quickly as our own home sale was pending, Ray was there the entire way to move at the pace we needed to ensure a smooth transition. He was literally our eyes and ears in Arizona while we were in the Chicagoland area. He offered to visit properties we had seen on his website, provide up to date pictures, and even share his own opinions about the immediate neighborhood and condition of neighbors homes. Understanding our wants/needs as well as having the knowledge and experience in the area settled any reservations we may have had of being confident in purchasing. When all was said and done, we had visited 30+ homes in only 2.5 days of in person home viewing. Ray initiated the contract on the home we were putting in an offer on while we were still in town, and provided guidance on comparable properties in the area to save us over $8,000 off the list price!!! The seller even immediately accepted our offer as Ray presented the comps to the sellers agent when submitting the initial offer. It was a smooth transaction because Ray was always available to assist with home inspection items and following up to ensure that by closing everything was in order as it should be. I can honestly say that for someone like myself that could not be in town to attend to the transaction in person, I would never have been able to make our relocation dreams come true if it wasn’t for Ray. Aside from his knowledge of the area, and experience in the real estate market; he has a large list of referrals and contacts for services that I took full advantage of, and would recommend other to use as well. I utilized his referral for a loan processor, title company, and locksmith. His referral network has been a great reflection on him as honest, hardworking, and very customer focused as well. We’ve told him dozens of times how much we appreciate all his help, but we hope that this review will help others decide on hiring Ray Del Real for their real estate needs here in the valley! I have no doubt he’ll be able to help you too! Thanks again Ray!

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“I am forever grateful for his hard work and dedication…”

My Mother has worked with Ray Del Real with her past home purchases and ad nothing but great things to say. I just moved into my new home. Ray worked with me to find me exactly what I was looking for. He listened to me and showed me only homes that I would be interested in. During the process of making the offer, Ray stayed in touch with me so I knew exactly where we were in the process. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, I can only say that you will be extremely happy with Ray Del Real. I am forever grateful for his hard work and dedication to putting me in my dream home. Please call Ray before you make any decisions. You will thank me!

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“Saved us $7K on new home…”

Saved us $7K on new home in Province Gated community. Ray has key contacts and helped us buy long distance with no hassle. Communicated with us through whole process!

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“…with Ray on our side, we couldn’t be more pleased.”.

We first came into contact with Ray when we purchased a home in the Tortosa subdivision several years ago. We bought that home with Ray’s help, entirely over the Web, and never did see the home until we were ready to move in (after closing). Ray’s personal inspection, pictures and insight were invaluable to that purchase. More recently, we purchased another home in Villages at Rancho Eldorado, the same way. Some would suggest that buying homes sight unseen is folly, but with Ray on our side, we couldn’t be more pleased. Ray’s knowledge of this market, attention to detail and overall expertise was almost beyond belief. We really can’t imagine that he could put this much time and attention into every transaction, as he wouldn’t have time for anything else. Highest accolades!

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Neal & Yolanda

“…knowledgeable in all aspects of our transaction.”

Ray was wonderful to work with on our new home purchase. He led us to purchase a home in a community that we did not know we were able to qualify for. He arrived to each of our appointments before we did and was knowledgeable in all aspects of our transaction. He made our home buying experience a very pleasant one. Being from out of the area, he was knowledgeable of what areas would fit our lifestyle. He also recommended having a home inspection at closing which proved to be very beneficial. I would recommend Ray to anyone looking to purchase a home in the greater Phoenix area. Thanks Ray!! Our new home is wonderful.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Don S. 

…”kept me informed every step of the way.”

I consider myself fortunate to have had Ray represent me in the purchase of my first home. I made an offer on the property that I purchased “sight-unseen” and was confident in my decision as Ray took additional pictures of property. Also, as result of his service I was better informed on the condition of the house. The property was a “short-sale” and he did not discourage me as he informed me of all the options and let me make the decision. He provided regular updates on the process and kept me informed every step of the way. The end result was a great home at a great price! Thanks for all your hard work!

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“Thank you for all of your help. You have been great to work with.”

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Jim & Rose

“You are a person of integrity & honesty…”

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Russell & Diane

“Words can’t describe how much we appreciate you and your service.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication, commitment and such great service we received in purchasing our new home. It took a very short period of interaction for it become evident that your business is your passion. We will confidently and happily be referring our friends and acquaintances to you. Words can’t describe how much we appreciate you and your service. We are happily enjoying our new home and are grateful to have worked with you.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Will & Alma

“…rolls up his sleeves and gets the job done.”

I hired Ray to help find me a house to rent or lease/purchase. He immediately went to work to find me a nice house. Ray showed me all the houses I asked him to (out of the long list he came up with). The main attribute I noticed about him is his diligence and tireless service to his customers; he always returns my calls within a short time frame, usually the same day. When I asked him about listing my property, he promptly came with camera in hand, took a lot of pictures and created a very professional portfolio in a short period of time. When I saw the ad listed I was impressed, to say the least. If you want a man who rolls up his sleeves and gets the job done, call Ray Del Real!!

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“…Timely & Kindly…”

Ray, thanks again for your timely and kindly help in our search. We will defiantly use your services again!!

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Don & Dee

“I retained my earnest money. Thanks Ray!”

Ray represented my interest in the home buying process and I am thankful for it. During the escrow process, the Seller requested a mutual cancellation of the contract and wanted the earnest money be released to Seller as “damages.” I was counseled by Ray and he proceeded in the process with my interest. The end result was I retained my earnest money. Thanks Ray! I owe you lunch !!

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Jill B.


“I had someone knowledgeable watching my back throughout.”

I just wanted to thank you again for you help getting me into the right house. You honestly made the whole ‘home buying experience’ pretty easy, and I felt that I had someone knowledgeable watching my back throughout. You listened to my needs, showed me what I wanted to see, and didn’t waste my time. Ray is one of the nicest and professional realtors I have ever known! He works very hard to satisfy your real estate needs and is well informed. I feel Ray has done a great job for me!

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Carlos G. 

“He cares and this is evident in his work.”

I would like to take time to express my gratitude to Ray Del Real. He provided service beyond expectations and delivered results as he sold my home quickly and for the amount I was “hoping” for. When on the internet and looking at my competition, I noticed many homes for sale with only a few pictures and to my dismay, there were many that only had 1 picture. I am glad I did not hire an agent like that to sell my home. I was very pleased to say the least when I saw my property on the internet with 20 pictures!! I got a real sense of my own property by viewing the numerous pictures. I really appreciate Ray’s effort.

Lastly, when I moved out of the property, a few items were left behind in the closets. Ray assisted by loading the items and placing them in storage for me. Let me say that again, “placing them in storage for me!” Really, who does that? Ray definitely does more than sell homes. He cares and this is evident in his work. Thanks Ray!!

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“…informative and professional”

Thank you for making my experience expedient and streamlined. I appreciated that you answered my calls and e-mails quickly, faxed copies of the appraisal and contracts quickly and responded to my questions. You were informative and professional with the process as well as knowledgeable with the real estate process. Thank you for making the purchase of my horse property an enjoyable venture.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“…there every step of the way.”

We wanted to thank you for answering all of our questions and valuing our opinion. You provided excellent service and we appreciate your assistance in identifying a home that exceeded our expectations! You were there every step of the way and we appreciate all that you did for us. We wish you the best.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Dan & Paul

“Ray went way out of the way to make sure we had what we needed.”

Ray Deal provided us with an excellent representation in our home closing. Ray went way out of the way to make sure we had what we needed. He even drove to the airport to pick up and bring back my wife for her visit to Phoenix. Mr. Deal communicated clearly and promptly and often initiated concerns and ideas that helped us. He was extremely polite and diligent in his research on any topics we brought to his attention.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“…went above and beyond what we had expected.”

You went above and beyond what we had expected. It was a pleasure dealing with you. If we ever have the opportunity of suggesting a real estate agent for someone looking for a home in Arizona you will get a great recommendation from us. Thanks again for all the help /advice you gave us.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Walt & Cynthia

“…he educated me on so much of the real estate process and he represented my interest 100%!”

I am very grateful to have used Ray’s services in selling my home and buying another one. He went way beyond his call of service as he educated me on so much of the real estate process and he represented my interest 100%! With so much paperwork, I was glad he was there to explain everything, step-by-step. He took his time as he answered all my questions and relieved me of so many uncertainties. He made me feel safe and secure with all my dealings in buying and selling. Also, we were able to coordinate the selling of my home perfectly with purchase of another home. He consistently went out-of-his-way to make accommodations based on my situation which made the process much easier for me. He was on time, honest and cares for his clients and it shows!! If I ever decide to sell my home again, I will not hesitate to use Ray again. He is a wonderful man and one awesome realtor. I was fortunate to have had Ray on my side! He’s the “real deal.”

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


“…he is great to work with.”

Ray is an exceptional realtor as he completely went above and beyond for us. He is the first realtor that we found that wanted to work for us.  We are from out of state and he had to be our eyes and he took very thorough pictures and videos.  Ray is a wonderful communicator and he is very easy to get a hold.  He took care of care all the leg work; the contracts, communicating with title, assisted with wiring instructions, inspections etc…He has all the connections that you need to buy a house in Arizona. I would highly recommend having Ray for you’re realtor he is great to work with.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent

Mark & Chris

“…extremely positive experience.”

You responded to all of my inquiries in a very timely manner, listened to what I was looking for and was on the same page as to my price range. I felt as though you were interested in helping me and answering any and all question that I had. It was an extremely positive experience. I will keep you in mind for my real estate needs. Thanks so much.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent



“We appreciate your expertise, generosity, integrity, patience…”

Ray, you are a “one-of-a-kind” realtor as we appreciate your expertise, generosity, integrity, patience and were able to depend on you throughout the home buying AND selling process. Thank you for your upfront & honest feedback and hard work.

Maricopa Arizona Real Estate Agent


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