Maricopa Arizona – Ranks #39 Out of #41 BUT Still GOOD NEWS!!



The chart below shows a table that ranks cities by their annual average sales price per square foot.   Only single family detached homes are included in these numbers.  The Main function of this table is to show the least and most affordable areas in the Phoenix area together with longer term pricing trends.

Annual averages are based on a relatively large number of sales. Therefore they are not as subject to rapid change as monthly averages. The downside is that they do not necessarily represent the current market very accurately, since they include sales from up to a year ago. Pricing may have moved a great deal since then.

Summary:  Maricopa has more affordable housing than most cities around the valley as this chart shows Maricopa’s Average Annual Square Footage this year vs. Last Year.   As you can see, Maricopa ranks 3rd to LAST in the average sales price per square foot (#39 of  #41) BUT……..


when you look at the % of change, ONLY 7 cities had a higher % increase!!








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