Buying a New Home in Province Maricopa Arizona? Financing?


If you plan on buying a new home in Province Maricopa Arizona and will be financing with the services of the builder’s lender (MTH Mortgage), then you will be required to provide certain information to the lender.  Below is an initial loan application checklist:

Loan Application Checklist

  • 2 (two) current paystubs for all borrowers
  • If not employed, retirement pensions
  • W2’s and / or 1099’s for the past two years
  • 2 (two) years of Federal tax returns
  • 2 (two) months of bank statements
  • Copy of 401K, IRA’s and / or other retirement accounts
  • If applicable, copies of bankruptcy forms / discharge paperwork, divorce and / or child support documentation
  • If you own other properties, the following will need to be provided:
  1. Current tax statement
  2. Current homeowner’s insurance statement
  3. Current mortgage and / or HELOC statement
  4. Homeowners Association statement, if applicable

Note: Requirements from lender may change.

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